Hitachi Leadership Summit

“Building Synergy within the Americas with Harmony, Sincerity and a Pioneering Spirit"

Hitachi Leadership Summit

September 2018 - The inaugural Hitachi Leadership Summit 2018, formerly called CEA, welcomed over 100 people from North and Central America, and Japan, and brings leaders together to drive innovation, to bring Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business into the IoT era, and to bring synergy as One Hitachi through new and potential collaborations. Please click here to see the photos from Summit and download the presentation materials.


April 2015

Mr. Jack Domme was appointed as Chief Executive for the Americas. Mr. Domme’s appointment is significant for Hitachi as it is part of a new global management strategy Hitachi is calling “autonomous decentralized global management,” which means Hitachi is placing more direct control for key businesses in the hands of talented local leaders to accelerate global growth by enabling faster decision-making based on market and customer needs. Hitachi has elected to deploy this new management strategy globally in order to grow its Social Innovation Business.

He will function as a representative of the Hitachi Group in interactions with companies and customers in the Americas. In addition to creating regional growth strategies, promoting localization, and effectively utilizing management resources, Mr. Domme will focus on growing the Hitachi Social Innovation business as well as allocating investments in new strategic growth areas.

April 2011

Mr. Takashi Hatchoji was appointed as Group Chairman for the Americas, and Chairman, Hitachi America, Ltd. on April 1, 2011. The Board of Directors Office assumed management for the majority of responsibilities held by the former Chief Executive for the Americas (CEA) office. The Board of Directors Office provides advice, guidance and support to Hitachi America, Ltd. and Hitachi Group companies in the Americas. Its focus is to cultivate and develop emerging business opportunities by engaging and creating effective relationships with key stakeholders such as government, investors, media, civil society, academia, research institutes, non-government organizations (NGOs), as well as major customers.

April 2008

The Chief Executive for North America, now Mr. Tadahiko Ishigaki, was promoted to the Chief Executive for the Americas. The CEA office is located in both Brisbane, CA and Tarrytown, NY. The purpose and function of the organization is to coordinate the activities among all of the Group Companies in the Americas and to foster collaboration and the enhancement of shared services. The goals of the organization are focused on the following:

  • Help the Hitachi Group enhance their business processes to achieve stronger revenue growth and profitability
  • Build synergy and collaboration among the entire Hitachi Group in the Americas
  • Leverage the capabilities and full strength of the Hitachi Group in the Americas to benefit our customers on a global basis

January 2006

At the Chief Executive for North America (CENA) Meeting in January of 2006, Mr. Hiroaki Nakanishi, CENA, made the announcement of the formation of the CENA Promotion Office. The CENA Promotion Office was based at Hitachi America, Ltd. - Sierra Point, Brisbane, CA.

Mr. Nakanishi then appointed executive level project leaders for nine corporate and administrative functions in an effort to drive further collaboration and to quickly identify potential areas of synergy for all Hitachi Group Companies in North America.

The primary focus for each of these teams was to reduce operating costs, improve corporate governance across group companies through integrated operation functions specifically in relation to Hitachi SOX404 compliance, and to enhance Hitachi’s presence by Group-wide Corporate Social Responsibility activity and to strengthen Brand Management.