Diversity & Inclusion

Hitachi, Ltd. – Global Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Diversity is both the wellspring of our innovation and our growth engine. Hitachi's diversity management embraces and respects people's external and internal differences. We see, among others, gender, nationality, work history, age, character, and values as making up someone's individuality. Combining our employees' many-sided strengths will enable us to meet the wide range of customer needs in global markets.

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Creating a Culture of Inclusion

Presented by Marilyn Nagel Co-Founder of NQuotient and former Chief Diversity Officer at Cisco
Hosted by Hitachi Consulting

Creating a culture of inclusion is linked to greater innovation, collaboration, globalization, employee engagement and customer success. It is not a nice to have but a business imperative for companies looking to sustain long-term prosperity.

So how do we create a culture of inclusion? This goal is bold, and one that requires not only commitment from the leadership team, but from all employees, and extends beyond inclusion of women to inclusion of all elements of diversity - and yes, it is achievable! If we want every one of Hitachi’s employees; men and women, GLTBQ people, employees of all ethnicities, those with disabilities, young and old alike, to have greater opportunity to contribute, and ultimately to live up to their full potential, then action is required.

Inclusion is a clear and simple vision to state. But to make it real, to achieve it, we need to take action to create the future we desire. Click HERE to review the slides from the March 11th presentation.